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Q. Tell me which T&C apply regarding warranty and liability.

A. All T&C regarding product warranty & liability are transparent to the T&C applicable for each individual manufacturer/supplier of the product being purchased. As per definition product warranty applies to a product explicitly of which failure occurs during startup if the product is installed in accordance with the installation procedures and used in an application for which the product was designed.

By definition MROsupply.eu offers 6 (six) months product warranty on all products from the catalogue, extended warranty may be individually purchased.

Warranty does not apply to parts, spare- and wearing-parts.

You may wish to read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

MROSupply.eu declines any kind of consequential loss(es), regardless if consequences result from warranty failure(s) or circumstances beyond control, such as delayed or terminated dispatches. Supply, delivery, warranty and liability are subject to the General Conditions of each individual chain supplier.

In the event that products need to be send or returned to MROSupply.eu, Strict RMA procedures apply. The RMA procedure starts with any of 3 possible causes :

Technical problems with the product(s).
Wrong purchase of product(s).
Product(s) does not comply.

The purpose of RMA is to prioritize customer care in order to instantly solve your problem. Shipments without RMA reference do not have priority and in most cases rejected by the manufacturer.

We have 4 kinds of RMA procedures :

1. Guarantee, product does not function correctly or fails. Malfunction has occured within the period of guarantee (with or without extended guarantee period).
2. Commercial, supply does not match PO or purchase mistake has been made.
3. Repair, product failed within the period of guarantee (with or without extended guarantee period) and factory repair needs to be evaluated.
4. Investigation, technical evaluation report to find out why product has failed or if product complies to the requirements.

To start the RMA procedure (prior to your shipment!) you need to contact us by online mail. Customer care will provide the required documents and coordination by mail.

Q. I need product support, how do I contact the technical department?

A. The technical department is available as described on product support contact-page. This support form will be redirected to the designated supplier. For urgent requirements please CLEARLY indicate your urgency. Please note that extra T&C might apply to this service.

MROsupply.eu by itself does not provide technical support. For more info see the product support contact-page.

Q. How do we operate?

We as MROSupply.eu provide a online purchase gateway for selected, high-end technical, industrial products for the EU.

All purchases processed by MROSupply.eu will be redirected to the connected chain supplier. All connected 3rd party chain suppliers are responsible for their products, stocks, handling and provide product support on your request, forwarded via MROSupply.eu. Without exception, all products are GENUINE and produced as NEW Products. We do not host second-life products!

MROSupply.eu will provide Supply Chain Support. This support may be applicable f.i. ;

– Order handling such as confirmations, invoicing.
– Distribution (logistics) of your order from the connected chain supplier to you.
– Payments of orders.
– Requests for order status.
– Other type of support involving your purchase.

Our team will be happy to assist you with your questions or requests. For Supply Chain support and Product Support this is handled via mail (contact forms) since the requests have to be routed to the responsible person within the chain of supply.

For some items we need to prepare a quotation before you are able to purchase the item. MROSupplies.eu will provide the quotation for that item. In general :

– Only items with a button [REQUEST QUOTE] are available for your quote request.
– Using this button your request will be instantly registered as a quote request, a copy of your request will be send by mail.
– During the process of your request by the chain supplier, your quotation will be generated and send to you by mail for approval and payment.


Quote requests cannot be combined with purchases, so either you wish to receive a quotation (multiple items or single, , quantities or 1 pce.)
or you proceed with your purchase.

We have 1 exception for special requirements f.i. high order- or quantity volume requests, special shipment requests, additional technical requirements etc.
In these cases you are requested to contact us with your requirements by mail using [contact us].